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Britain’s first solar powered town? Episode two 27 July, 2011

Posted by Jeremy Rowe in News.
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“Extreme” measures to raise funds for Cornish charity 27 July, 2011

Posted by Jeremy Rowe in News.
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On Wednesday 14th September Gordon Faddy, the Chair of registered charity “Enable in Cornwall Ltd”, will be taking a dramatic zip wire ride at Adrenalin Quarry, Menheniot to raise much needed funds.

The Zip at Adrenalin Quarry is the UK’s biggest ever zip wire. Longest at 490 metres; highest at 50 metres; fastest at 40 mph. Twin parallel wires cross the flooded depths of the old quarry, sheer cliffs rise on either side.

Enable in Cornwall is a registered charity that works with people aged 16 and above who have a physical disability and/or sensory impairment and live in Cornwall. The organization offers free information, advice, guidance and support to assist clients in overcoming barriers they may face in accessing training, education, voluntary work or paid employment. Moreover, the organization devotes the time and resources necessary to empower disabled citizens to assume active and purposeful roles in their communities. Thus, Enable is part of a vision that is committed to the transformation of Adult Social Care so that the phrase “putting people first” can become a reality.

All money raised by Gordon’s death-defying stunt will be used by the charity to directly support their clients throughout the County. Gordon, a wheelchair user  himself, said “I hope that my efforts will both raise a considerable amount of new funds for Enable and also show that disability is no barrier to having fun and participating in extreme sports.”

If you would like to find out more about the work of Enable in Cornwall please visit their website www.enableincornwall.co.uk or call their office in Bodmin on (01208) 77711. All donations/sponsorship will be very gratefully received.

Murdoch: time to break the habit 6 July, 2011

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Labour and the Tories have been vying for the affections of Rupert Murdoch for far too long now (the Lib Dems have never really had a look in but I doubt we’d have been any purer given the opportunity). News International have perpetuated the myth of their importance to the political discourse ever since the 1992 Election and the infamous “It’s The Sun Wot Won It” front page and prospective Prime Ministers have played along as they’ve sought the blessing of the world’s most powerful media baron.

Tony Blair flew around the world to perform in the Murdoch Empire’s living room back in the mid-nineties and David Cameron – horseriding partner of the increasingly toxic Rebekah Brooks – installed the big man’s favourite, and former News Of The World editor, Andy Coulson to the heart of the Tory operation.

Now, with the shocking revelations of the phone hacking of Milly Dowler, the families of the Soham girls, the victims of the 7/7 bombings and the grieving relatives of Britain’s war dead, News International is finally starting to be recognised for the malign influence on our lives that it really is.

Yet the chances are that the Culture Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, will still unquestioningly grant his approval to Murdoch’s proposed takeover of BSkyB. I desperately hope I’m mistaken. Now is the opportunity for our leaders at Westminster – of all political parties – to finally end their dependence on News International’s consent to govern. The national print media cannot win the ongoing battle with the internet and the influence of Sun editorials will only diminish from here. Hunt – under persuasion from the heart of government – should call Murdoch’s bluff and refuse to allow the swallowing-up of Sky by an organisation which has shown such disregard for the integrity of its profession, not to mention the effect of its actions on innocent, grieving families.

He has the power but I doubt he has the courage.

Maybe it’s idealistic to think that an organisation of the size and influence of News International can be stripped of its belief that it has the right to choose our government, but I’m pretty sure there will never be a better opportunity to try.